I grew up in a small Long Island town surrounded by farmland and no fast food or big box stores. The best place to go, other than the beach in the summer or ice skating on the lake in the winter, was the library. I loved everything about it, but mostly, the endless array of books!

    •  It is where I first starting reading plays which led to my love of the theater.
    •  It is where I first found travel guides and books about faraway places which led me to travel.
    •  It is where I first found cookbooks which led to my love of cooking and all things food.
    •  It is where I found other people who loved books as much as I do.
    •  It is where I found solace when my world was off balance.
    •  It is where I first found a Disney travel guide which led me to, well, Disney and my love of all things Mickey Mouse.
    • It is where a rather quiet only child found out there was a world out there that I had never dreamed of.
    • It is where I found myself and lost myself in the magic of words.